Why Voice?

If you are looking for a proven way to diversify your business and increase your revenue, voice is the solution.  Still not convinced?  The VoIP market reached $15 billion in 2014 with 44 million residential and business users.  By 2018, more than 80% of businesses will use VoIP, and revenues are expected to exceed $30 billion.  This industry boom provides unlimited potential for growing your business.

Adding voice allows you to diversify and expand your reach by offering data, voice, and telephony packages.   Your customers are looking for convenience and efficiency, many preferring to work with a single vendor, so by adding voice to your menu of services, you retain customers and neutralize rivals. In a volatile economy, voice provides the solution to grow your business despite market uncertainty, while offering your clients cutting edge VoIP technology at an affordable rate.

Residential & Business Users
in 2013
VoIP in 2014
VoIP in 2018 (Projected)


New Service Offerings

A strong, hosted PBX offering allows you to become your business customers’ complete communications solution. Increase revenue from your current business client base while offering your customer a valuable service.


Customer Retention

The more services you provide your customers, the harder you are to replace. By providing hosted PBX services in combination with Internet access services, you help ensure that your customer will not disappear when another provider solicits their Internet access business.


Expanded Client Base

ISPs are increasingly finding new customers who want the simplicity of a single vendor solution for their voice and data needs. By adding voice, you can expand your client base to include this growing demographic.


Bottom Line

By offering voice services alongside your data offerings, you can increase revenues and improve margins.

In Our Customers’ Own Words

Why Voice?

Our customers have found that entry into voice isn’t too good to be true.  In fact, it’s better than expected.  IPiFony customer and WWISP managing partner Roy Gomes found that by adding voice to his offering of features he almost doubled his profit margins.

Watch to see how voice has allowed his company to provide more services to existing customers, while attracting new customers, becoming a one-stop shop for clients looking for cutting edge VoIP technology.