Why IPiFony?

IPiFony takes all the guesswork out of your move into voice by providing
the structure and assistance needed to ensure a seamless, affordable transition.

The IPiFony Platform was designed for:


Ease of Administration

The Platform is administered from an intuitive browser-based administration portal.


Cost Effectiveness

IPiFony is one of the most cost effective ways for small to medium size service providers to offer facilities based hosted voice services.



Service providers deploying the IPiFony Platform get the benefit of a tested solution which has been in  successful commercial deployment throughout North America since 2003.



IPiFony’s support, along with our network and business consulting services are bundled into every IPiFony deployment. Small-to-medium size providers get the full benefit of our voice expertise.  We also provide all sales and technical training on-site at your facility.

Many companies can offer products; IPiFony offers a partnership,
combined with world-class customer service and the best in-house expertise in the industry.
Let us show you how.

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In our Customers’ Own Words:

Why IPiFony?

At IPiFony, we don’t just boast great service; we also provide a partnership and proven business model, that, according to satisfied customer, Roy Gomes, puts you back in the business of growing your business.

Gomes, the managing partner of WWISP, shares how IPiFony slashed his company’s set-up and administrative time in half while increasing WWISP’s voice business by 50 percent, making voice its largest revenue producer.  Watch to see why IPiFony provided the best solution for WWISP to enter the voice market and expand its business at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Training and the End User

What sets IPiFony apart from the competition is our world-class customer service and in-house technical expertise.  We even provide all sales and technical training on-site at your facility, ensuring your customer will always communicate with knowledgeable, qualified personnel.

Jonathan Brown, operations manager at WWISP, understands first-hand just how frustrating it can be to deal with the limitations of some network providers, but as he explains, because IPiFony does all the heavy lifting, those problems just don’t exist anymore for him.  Watch as Jonathan discusses how the IPiFony Platform and business partnership have allowed him to provide the quality of service his customers expect and deserve.

Taught us the VoIP business one dial-tone at a time.

Great support team, always there when you need them.

Very versatile product.  There are not many customer needs that go unmet.

John V.Boca Raton, FL