Profitability Calculator

IPiFony not only boasts the lowest cost of entry into voice, but our grow-as-you-grow business model also preserves margins for you, the customer.  We are so confident we can increase your revenue, we are willing to prove it.

Our profitability calculator gives you a glimpse of just how much you can expect to raise your profits.  You don’t have to imagine what IPiFony can do for you: see it first-hand.  Simply enter the number of Hosted PBX Lines, along with the number of Analog Lines that you feel would be a reasonable start.  You’ll then receive your potential Profit Margin in dollars and as a percentage.

If you like what you see and are ready to hear more about IPiFony’s solution to grow your business, while offering your clients cutting edge VoIP technology at an affordable rate, call us to review all costs and schedule a business use case review for your particular market.  Partner with the best in VoIP technology and let us help you raise your voice.

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